How the workshop will be conducted

The following is a suggested protocol:

60 minute lecture by presenter
45 minute hands-on group activity by audience
15 minute Q & A

Participants of the presentation will:
1. Learn the five stages of adult development (First to fifth order of consciousness)
2. Understand the difference between self-serving and self-reliant individuals based on the Five Orders of Consciousness
3. Be able to differentiate between the Japanese and American Third of Order of Consciousness
4. Be exposed to the demands of the global world
5. Learn the benefits of developing bilingualism
6. Learn Shimogori’s tips and tricks of how to develop
effective biculturalism
7. Engage in group activity to learn the differences of the Japanese and American cultures


The duration of lecture should be approximately 60 minutes. A PowerPoint presentation will be offered. The topics to be covered are the following:

  • First to fifth order of consciousness
  • The demands to change
  • Bilingualism and the relationship with the world
  • Tips and tricks to sustain a balanced, bicultural lifestyle

Group Activity (TBD)
The actual group activity will accommodate the needs and interests of the audience. While the following topics are proposed, slight adjustments will take place. 


  • Discuss similarities and differences of cultures
  • How can bilingual students be prepared for the unfolding, diverse world?

Q & A
Open the floor to questions in English (and/or Japanese)
Q & A session can be extended

Note: We are willing to accommodate the needs of your school and staff. 
Content of lecture is subject to changes.